June 18, 2024

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Another health emergency for Putin

Another health emergency for Putin

The war in Ukraine is escalating and Putin is sick. Over the weekend, even an entire medical practice had to turn into an emergency.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • Last weekend, the Russian president had a health emergency.
  • As his medical team was overwhelmed, several doctors had to go out on an emergency basis.

The Russian president’s ill health over the Ukraine war is nothing new. He coughed and stuttered during several telecasts. More tremorsInterrupted or Even limp hands and arms was always noticeable.

Quoting “freedom”. Telegram-Colonel General S.V.R According to reports, there was a serious incident last weekend. The Russian head of state reportedly complained of “severe nausea” early Saturday morning.

Do you think the war in Ukraine will end soon?

It was so serious that his medical team was forced to call in additional doctors. The medical emergency reportedly lasted about three hours, after which Putin’s health improved again.

According to the “New Zealand Herald”, the Telegram channel is run by a former lieutenant general. Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) enabled. This is under the pseudonym Viktor Mikhailovich.

Will Putin Get a Doppelganger Soon in the Ukraine War?

And in the coming weeks Putin “By a twin Changed». Future televised appearances will also use deep-fake technology.

Deepfakes are videos, images or audio files produced with the help of artificial intelligence. A person’s voice, face and movements are real, but they are not.

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