June 22, 2024

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Angela Merkel fights with tears as she says goodbye

Angela Merkel could not hold back her tears at the farewell ceremony. His term as German Chancellor ends 16 years later.

Briefly essential

  • The president who resigned was awarded the “Big Japfenstreach” award.
  • Angela Merkel struggled with her tears.
  • He congratulated the new government on “all the best and every success”.

Four terms, 16 years, 5860 days – but now it’s over: the days of Angela Merkel as president are almost over. She was with him on Thursday Traditional “Big Japfenstreach” Bundeswehr agreed. She struggled with tears.

Like everyone who receives the highest praise, is allowed And 67 years old I like three songs. With “You Forgot the Color Film” (Nina Hagen) and “I Want to Shower Red Roses for Me” (Hildegard Canef), Bundeswehr caught them. Because those pieces are not in the orchestra’s archive. In Knef’s song, the rarely emotional Angela Merkel suppressed her tears with great difficulty.

In his speech, he described his years as federal president as “eventful and often challenging”. The demands would have been fulfilled simultaneously, both politically and humanitarianly. Angela Merkel said she was grateful for the hope that “an important chapter in politics.”

Epidemic shows how important it is to believe in political, scientific and social discourses. “But how weak it can be.” She wants to encourage “Continue to look at the world through the eyes of another in the future. Feel the other person’s sometimes uncomfortable and conflicting perspectives and work to balance interests.

He also called for the protection of democracy Haas, Violence And misinformation. Wherever scientific knowledge is denied and conspiracy theories and insurrections are spread, contradictions must be heard.

Among the guests was Angela Merkel’s appointed niece. Olaf Scholz and his government I wish her “all the best, all the best and good luck and good luck”.

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