April 19, 2024

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Police dug up a fake lab for vaccination certification

Police found a fake lab in Hesse for evidence of a vaccine against corona. 800 vaccination certificates, 40 of which were filled, were confiscated.

Briefly essentials

  • Police in Hesse discovered a fake vaccination record.
  • 800 vaccination cards, vaccine stickers and official seals were confiscated.
  • Police are also looking for those who bought counterfeit money.

Misfortune for one Those who counterfeit vaccine cards: A laboratory accidentally explodes in the German state of Hessey. The suspect was questioned as to whether it was a forgery and the items in his possession were confiscated. This was announced by the North Hesse police.

Hessian landowner’s staff discovered numerous vaccination records during routine electrical measurements. Police searched the rooms of a 47-year-old tenant and found numerous counterfeit items: 800 genuine blank vaccine cards, stickers of various vaccines against corona, and Seal of eight officers.

40 vaccination certificates have already been completed. They may have been used as a source of vaccination against corona.

Only the 47-year-old fake should now expect criminal consequences. Police are also investigating how the person got the vaccine passports, stickers and stamps, according to their own confession. Buyers of fake vaccine certificates Is also under investigation.

From Germany The 2G and 3G rule has been expanded, Cases of forged vaccination certificates against corona are on the rise. Four items were searched last week in Hesse and a large number of counterfeit items were seized. Two women and a man were arrested.

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