March 4, 2024

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America. How a Rich Republican Wants to Stop Donald Trump

America.  How a Rich Republican Wants to Stop Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump has to answer several lawsuits in the United States.

Andrew Hornick/AP

Charles Koch is an influential billionaire and he has one goal: stop Donald Trump. For this he currently has 70 million dollars.

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  • Donald Trump wants to replace Joe Biden as America’s first president in next year’s election.
  • However, within the party, it can be a rocky road. According to anonymous sources, billionaire Charles Koch is allegedly collecting money to block Trump’s candidacy.
  • Currently, 70 million will be available to stop Trump in the primaries.

The US presidential election campaign is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world. While candidates often promote themselves well, they still rely on millions in donations to shoulder the financial burden.

Donald Trump should expect such donations. But as the “New York Times” recently wrote, Trump seems to have Republican heavyweights against him. Charles Koch is the richest businessman.

Trump didn’t get a cent of the 70 million

Through his Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP), Koch himself has raised millions, which are then distributed to conservative candidates. According to reports, AFP has already raised $70 million, but Trump won’t see a cent.

An anonymous source tells the newspaper that the money is there to stop Trump in the primary. The AFP interfered in primary elections like never before in its 20-year history.

It’s unclear how much of the $70 million will be used against Trump. But Trump is sure to lose to Biden if they play back-to-back.

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Welcome to this struggle

“Even a significant number of Trump’s own supporters are concerned about his eligibility and are open to an alternative,” the source told Reuters.

Trump currently has a 20-point lead over his rival, Ron DeSantis, who wants to become president of the United States. Don’t let the Koch donations upset you, as Trump’s spokesperson suggests. “We welcome this fight,” it told Reuters.

Trump continues to be embroiled in controversy over the dossier

WASHINGTON 06/28/23: Former US President Donald Trump has tried to deny the allegations against him following the release of audio tapes of classified government documents. “All I know is I didn’t do anything wrong,” Trump told Fox News on Tuesday. This is another “fraud”, “disgrace” and “election interference”. The recording, which continues to demand an explanation from the Republican Party, was released by US media on Monday. Trump was indicted federally in mid-June for keeping highly classified government documents in his private home and failing to return them when requested. In an entry for 2021 just released, he says: “As president, I could have released it, now I can’t.” Republicans have repeatedly said in the past that classified information is no longer classified after it is taken away. However, the 77-year-old has yet to give a precise description of what kind of document he actually showed at the time.