July 24, 2024

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According to a British general, Putin will soon use nuclear weapons

According to a British general, Putin will soon use nuclear weapons

Speculation continues about whether Putin will use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. A British ex-soldier thinks this could be as early as 2023.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A former British general believes Moscow will use nuclear weapons to attack Cairo in 2023.
  • Russia should face further setbacks in Ukraine.
  • The Kremlin has repeatedly insisted it does not want a nuclear war.

The war in Ukraine has proven more complicated for Russia than expected. As a last resort, you can Vladimir Putin According to various media reports For nuclear weapons to capture A “likely” scenario, says Sir Richard Barons.

British ex-general writes in “Sunday Times”: Kremlin boss to turn tactical in early 2023 Use nuclear weapons. This is what happens if special military action in Ukraine does not go ahead.

“It would be a tremendous barrier-breaker,” Barons said. But the Russians could accept it “if it justifies this meaning in their eyes.”

Kyiv is planning a major offensive in the Ukraine war

A wider offensive by Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s troops is expected next spring, says a former army officer. “This will lead to victories on the battlefield and the liberation of territories captured by Russia,” Barons said.

In this context, he poses the question: “If Putin fears defeat, would he be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons?” Yes, he believes in himself.

However, Barrens clarifies that small nuclear weapons would be used in such a case. Bombs that can destroy entire cities Vladimir Putin Don’t abandon them in the war in Ukraine, the former general said.

Fears that the war in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war have been recurring since February. President Putin Recently emphasizedRussia would never initiate such a nuclear conflict.

Do you think nuclear weapons could be used in the war in Ukraine?

The nuclear threat is a regular topic on Russian television. On the one hand, people love to brag with your own Arsenal. On the other hand, you lift NATO before, To provoke a nuclear war.

However, other experts do not believe in nuclear escalation. For example, in May, ETH professor Stefan Herzog told Nau.ch that a nuclear war in Ukraine is unlikely.

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