June 9, 2023

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A350 F: Boeing 747 orders successor to Silkway West Airbus as Jumbo Jet successor

In fact, the Silk Way West planned their future with the Boeing 747. That is no longer possible. Airbus now benefits from this. The airline orders the A350 F – and wants more.

Silkway West Airlines’ fleet currently has seven Boeing 747-400s and five 747-8 aircraft. In fact, the cargo airline of Azerbaijan would have preferred to pursue US-made aircraft. In 2018, he said, They still need 20 747-8s And I’m worried Boeing will drop the plan.

Boeing really does Deliver the last three jumbo jets this year, Then finished. As a successor, the aircraft manufacturer from the United States 777-8F announced. The 777X variant is scheduled to start shipping in 2027.

Order should only be at the beginning

But as Silk Way West announced Airbus on Tuesday (June 28), at least for now it has decided differently and signed a deal to buy two A350 Fs. The manufacturer is pleased that this is the first order for a freight model from the Caspian region. The airline wants to modernize and expand its fleet with the A350F.

“We are pleased to sign the first agreement with Airbus, but certainly not the last, and I firmly believe that this will be a very fruitful partnership in our journey to future growth,” said Wolfgang Meyer, President of Silkway West. . Boeing does not seem likely to receive the 777-8F order at any time.

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