June 22, 2024

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Former Wagner mercenary unveils book on Putin’s shadow army

For years, Russian mercenary Marat Kapidul was killed in the service of the worst Wagner group in war zones in Syria and Ukraine. But the bloody war operations on behalf of Russia’s powerful for Wagner, the private army and defense company, made him think. As the first fighter in the shadow army of the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, he revealed in the book “Wagner”. Putin’s secret army “(Akon Verlock), how firmly Russia’s support for Syrian ruler Bashar al – Assad or separatists in eastern Ukraine is evident. The book goes on sale on Thursday.

The Ukrainians destroy the site of the Wagner group

At least 20 deaths: The Ukrainians destroy the site of the Wagner group(00:59)

“The salvation of the regime of Bashar al-Assad helped Russia to establish itself as a protector and savior of all kinds of criminals,” Capitolin wrote. Wagner’s mercenaries are also involved in Sudan, Mali and Libya. Putin said in February: “As far as Wagner is concerned, I have already said that the Russian government has nothing to do with this.” Such companies pursued business interests. “They negotiate there, the local rulers call them at the state level and thank them for the work they have done,” he notes in Mali.