June 15, 2024

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A Zurich bakery sells braids for 18 francs per kilo


Expensive breakfastA Zurich bakery sells braids for 18 francs per kilo

Zurich bakery Hausmann charges 18.50 francs per kilo for its bread. “de Zopf-Beck vo Züri” high quality products and high prices justifying extensive production.

  • Zurich bakery Hausmann is known for its Zopf. Price: 18.50 francs per kilo.

  • The price is justified by the use of Swiss products and the highly complex production.

It’s part of an authentic Swiss breakfast: the plate. Thanks to its buttery aroma and airy consistency, it is the highlight of every breakfast for many cuisines. Burebread, Chnusperbrot or Ruchbrot can rarely be kept.

However, there’s a catch to the beloved avocado plate — and that’s the price. A kilo is now 6.60 francs at retailer Koop, 15 francs at Berner Storchenbakery and 18.50 francs at Zurich bakery Hausmannmann – which also calls itself “De Sopp-Beck vo Zuri”.

High quality materials, comprehensive product

But how to explain the high prices? asked Ellen Housman for 20 minutes. The managing director of the bakery of the same name says: “In the end, it’s like many other products: the choice of ingredients combined with craftsmanship determines the price.”

For example, she uses only Swiss products for her braids. “Butter from Switzerland, eggs from the barn and free-range, IPS flour, Valais salt and yeast. “Swiss whenever possible,” says Housamman.

The braid is one of the culinary symbols of Switzerland.  18.50 francs per kilo at Haussmann Bakery.

The braid is one of the culinary symbols of Switzerland. 18.50 francs per kilo at Haussmann Bakery.

Housamman Bakery

Added to this is complex preparation. This means: the dough is traditionally weighed by hand, processed in several variations, and then enjoys a long rest and maturation period of at least one day. “It’s an important factor in terms of aroma, digestibility and freshness,” Baker says.

“All this has to be offset by evidence of quality, composition and complex production methods,” Hausmann reiterates, but at the same time he says: “The margins of our industry are very low, leaving little room for craft businesses.”

The farmers’ association recommends 14 francs per kilo

A problem the Swiss Farmers Union also knows from its industry. Hence it continues to provide direct marketing to farmers with price recommendations for home-grown food. These are based on calculations of what the goods cost, the time required to produce and other energy or selling costs.

“Handmade knitting with fresh regional ingredients from a farm fetches about 14 francs per kilo,” media spokesperson Sandra Helfenstein adds: “In the end, the important question is – regardless of whether it’s a farm shop or a bakery. : How much is the knitting worth to the consumer? It depends whether it sells or not.

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