July 23, 2024

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A four-inch embryo in the brain of a one-year-old

A four-inch embryo in the brain of a one-year-old

Parasitic twin

A four-inch tumor was found in the brain of a one-year-old child and removed

In China, doctors have discovered a kind of parasitic twin in the brain of a little girl. This is a very rare clinical event. Fewer than 200 such cases are known worldwide.


Fee Anabelle Riebeling


A foreign body in the brain of a one-year-old girl in China is clearly visible on CT scans. This is her unborn twin. Fetus-in-fidu is the diagnosis.

Neuroscience 2023: Zongze Li et al.

  • In China, doctors have discovered a fetus in the brain of a one-year-old girl.

  • The diagnosis is fetus-in-fetus syndrome, also known as fetal inclusion.

  • Only about 200 cases are known worldwide.

  • The fetus was surgically removed.

  • He was four inches tall and already had some limbs, bones and fingernails.

A larger-than-normal head and motor difficulties in their one-year-old daughter led parents in China to go to the hospital. CT scans showed induced abnormalitiesAs the team led by neurosurgeon Zhongze Li of Hushan Hospital in Shanghai wrote in the journal, her unborn twin was hidden in the girl’s brain. “Neurology” writes

The woman received Diagnosis of fetus-in-fetus syndrome (FIF)., also known as fetal inclusion. This is a very rare developmental disorder that can occur in multiple pregnancies (see box). Fewer than 200 such cases are known worldwide. In only 18 cases was the unborn twin brain found, most often in the abdomen.

Why fetal syndrome develops in the fetus is still not fully understood. There are two theories about the cause: Some scientists think that the parasite is a type of tumor that divides human cells and contains parts of the spinal cord. Others see it as an actual “twin” that has been “absorbed” into the other fetus. In other words, the cells of one fetus migrate into the body of another in the womb. Parasitic twins are usually diagnosed in childhood, but some cases have been reported in adults.

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Operation Success, Open Space

Zongze Li and his colleagues successfully removed the embryo from the woman’s brain and relieved the pressure on it. It is uncertain whether any harm will occur to a one-year-old child. The distant twin was already ten centimeters tall and had grown upper limbs, bones and even fingernails (see photo gallery). This indicates that the girl’s brain continues to grow for a while. Even after birth, it shared the blood supply with its siblings, according to Chinese media reports.

It was only at the end of last year that a FIF case from India became known to which doctors Eight fetuses in the womb of a 21-day-old woman Discovered – as never before. In 2021, a woman in Israel gave birth to a dead fetus. Unlike the little Indian girl, who was diagnosed only after birth, doctors were able to prepare for this: they identified the fetus late in pregnancy, and the “twin” was removed immediately after birth. It was First diagnosis was prenatal.

In 2017, embryos were found in the brain of a girl in Thailand. Then, the doctors discovered three parasitoid twins. Each of them has “many well-developed organs”, including the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems, writes Heute.at. Also special was the discovery of an unborn fetus in the scrotum of his male twin. It is observed due to sudden swelling of the affected genitals.

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