June 15, 2024

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Rostov-on-Don: Fire at FSB building

Rostov-on-Don: Fire at FSB building

Rostov am Don

Russian Secret Service building catches fire – one dead

A building caught fire in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on Thursday. It belongs to the Border Guards of the FSB, the domestic secret service. One died.


A building of the Russian domestic secret service caught fire on Thursday.


  • On Thursday, a building of Russia’s domestic secret service, the FSB, caught fire.

  • It is believed that the fire may have started due to a cut in the power line.

  • According to officials, at least one person died and at least two others were injured in the fire.

At least one person died in a fire at a Russian border guard building near the border with Ukraine, according to officials. Two more people were injured in a fire in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on Thursday.

There were photos and videos on social networks from the fire And a great cloud of smoke rose into the sky. “A loud noise was heard,” some eyewitnesses said. The Ministry of Civil Defense put out the fire. The building is one of the border guard units of the domestic intelligence agency FSB in Rostov-on-Don.

Governor Vasily Golubev said that according to preliminary information, the fire was caused by a leakage in the power lines. The fire has spread to 800 square meters. Flammable liquids also exploded. Two walls of the building collapsed, Golubev said. Kyiv denied any responsibility, but Ukrainian officials said they were “happily” following developments.

Rocket fire at Belgorod

The FSB is also responsible for Russia’s border security. The region near Ukraine has recently seen repeated incidents with rockets and drones. According to its own reports, the FSB in Russia has repeatedly covered up the course of Moscow’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Acts of vandalism against infrastructure objects On that day. According to official sources, the task of the border guards is also to prevent illegal entry of suspected subversive groups into the region.

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In the Belgorod region near the border, Russian air defenses shot down two missiles, officials said again on Thursday. As on the previous day, when three rockets were said to have been fired, residential buildings and administrative buildings in the city of Belgorod were again hit and damaged by falling fragments of rockets. Governor Vyacheslav Klatkov said there were no injuries. He accused the Ukrainian troops of increasing activity. In the last four days, 58 buildings and 31 cars were caught in the rubble.

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