April 19, 2024

Columbus Post

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A former secret service colleague has revealed about Putin

Sergei Shirnov, 61, learned French and completed his training as a Soviet spy in 1984. During his tenure in the KGB, Shirnov met with Vladimir Putin, 69. But first as a suspect. “I volunteered at the telephone information service for the Moscow Olympics in 1980. I talked for hours on the wire with a Frenchman,” the Russian recalled in an interview. “CH Media”. “The KGB found this suspicious, and one of their agents transferred me to Lubyanga, the KGB’s infamous headquarters.”

That agent is Vladimir Putin. “He did not even listen to me, he wanted to expose me as an enemy of the organization,” Shirnov says. “He felt his power. He tried to scare me.” During the trial, Putin released Shirno when he said he knew the grandson of then-politician Leonid Brezhnev (1906-1982).