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A bison calf should be euthanized because of park visitors

A bison calf should be euthanized because of park visitors

In America, a man wanted to help a bison calf that had been separated from the herd. Little did he know: the baby animal was sentenced to death.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A bison calf is separated from its herd in a US national park.
  • A bystander wanted to help the animal. However, after he touched it, it was ejected.
  • The boy eventually had to be put down.

Do not touch wild animals. You teach it to young children. A man in America didn’t know this: He wanted to help a bison boy get out of a river after being separated from his herd.

A man is seen pushing an animal up a riverbed in Yellowstone National Park in the US state of Wyoming on Saturday.

In doing so, he sealed the newborn’s fate – because after being touched, it was rejected by the herd. Park rangers tried to reunite him with his family.

The park warns visitors not to touch the animals

That’s why it later wandered down the street alone and approached park visitors. As Park writes, it created a “dangerous situation.” Finally, those responsible decided to euthanize the animal.

“Approaching wild animals can seriously affect their well-being. In this case, their survival,” the park warns in a statement. Visitors must always stay at least 22 meters away from bison herds.

Did you know you are not allowed to touch small animals?

An investigation has been initiated. The identity of the man who touched the cub is unknown. But one thing is clear: if he is caught, he will be fined up to around 4,500 francs. This is what park spokesperson Morgan Ward told the American portal “NPR”.

This is not the first time a bison calf has been euthanized in Yellowstone Park because of a visitor.

A similar incident happened in 2016: two tourists stuffed a calf in their car and drove it to a nearby parking building. They believed the animal was suffering from cold.

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