June 15, 2024

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Zaporizhia: IAEA tries to prevent the worst – News

Zaporizhia: IAEA tries to prevent the worst – News


The nuclear power plant has been in the middle of the battlefield for two years. Director Grossi on the work of the Atomic Energy Commission.

The existence of the International Atomic Energy Agency alone is crucial, insists director Raffaele Croci. This has a deterrent effect as both parties are aware that the IAEA exists. UN experts have been on site for over 20 months.


Europe’s largest nuclear power plant has not produced any electricity for two years.


If there is an attack or other incident, they will report immediately, which is very useful, said Raffaele Grassi. At the same time, he converses with both President Zelensky and President Putin. He continues to raise important points, and he senses a desire on both sides to prevent a serious nuclear accident.

Hard work on site

The daily work of IAEA teams on site is difficult. Access to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant alone is complicated, says Raffaele Croci, who has been there many times. Ukrainian soldiers always accompany him to the vicinity of the base. They had to walk the last 200 meters with demining equipment as new mines were planted in the area every day.

The Russians insist they will handle the power plant responsibly. It is difficult not to open the doors to the IAEA.

At the facility, Russian military officials would greet them with “Welcome to Russia.” At the power plant itself, Raffaele Croci says, IAEA teams don’t have immediate access to the facilities they want. But the IAEA follows up, demands justification and is routinely granted access. The Russian side – Grozy firmly believes that they are occupying Zaporizhia and other Ukrainian territories in violation of international law – is finally interested in the fact that their people can do work at the nuclear power plant: “The Russians insist that they will deal with the power plant responsibly. It is difficult not to open the doors to the IAEA.

A power plant relies on electricity

With its updates from the plant every two days, the IAEA prevents the spread of fake news about the status of the nuclear plant. However, this situation is still very fragile, Raffaele Grossi insists. The reactors have already experienced nine power outages.

An end to war can only bring additional security here.

The power station has not produced electricity for two years. But even with the current state of controlled cooling, it relies on power supply. “The only thing that can bring additional security here is an end to war,” warns the IAEA director.

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