June 13, 2024

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176,944 Swiss people are isolated or isolated

The corona virus is spreading in Switzerland. As statistics from all 26 zones show, every 50th person in this country is currently isolated or marginalized.

Briefly essentials

  • There are currently 109,439 isolated people in Switzerland.
  • A further 67,505 were isolated.
  • Vat, Ticino and Solothurn provinces have the highest per capita numbers.

38,015 new infections With the corona virus, BAG reports within a day on Wednesday. A new record since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Each case must be isolated. Unvaccinated and unrecovered contacts must be isolated. The Federal Council Ten is the respective duration for the last week Reduced to five days.

According to the latest Information Of the 26 zones available to Nau.ch, 109,439 are currently isolated in this country. 67,505 have been isolated.

Every 50th Swiss is isolated or isolated

It accounts for more than two percent of the total Swiss population. In other words, every fiftieth person in this country should be contacted due to the corona virus Avoid fellow human beings.

If you put cases related to the cantonal population, things are currently worse in Vaud: 29,965 people are isolated and 14,952 are isolated. This equates to 5.5 per cent or every 18th resident of the cantonment.

Ticino is the second most populous region in the world. At the request of the authorities, about 6500 people were isolated and about 9500 people were isolated. This equates to 4.6 percent of the population (every 22nd person).

The Solothurn Zone completes the negative stage: 3806 in isolation, 4761 in isolation. Every 32nd resident (3.1%) living in Canton has had an active corona case or recently been in contact with someone.

No one has been isolated due to the corona virus in eastern Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland has the lowest isolation population: Appenzell Innerrhoden 49 isolated and 32 isolated (0.5%). In St. Gallen 1668 were isolated and 1345 were isolated (0.6%). A further 201 were isolated and 39 were isolated (0.6%).

Are you currently lonely or isolated?

There are no isolations from the province of Obwalton alone due to the change of system Information Before. However, this number must be in the middle three-digit range.

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