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The frantic Czech billionaire is a devout Christian

The frantic Czech billionaire is a devout Christian

A Czech millionaire raced at a speed of 417 km / h on a German auto. From the impact of fate the investor comes to be a devout Christian.

The Radim Passer reaches an incredible 417 km / h on the A2 highway. – Youtube / adRadim Passer

Briefly essentials

  • Radim Bazar shows his interest in cars with a fast video.
  • The millionaire has been a devout Christian ever since he lost his son.
  • He wants to spread his faith through a non-profit organization and a school.

He ran at a speed of 417 kilometers per hour Hit on German Autobahn and with its video. Rodim Bosser’s action also drew a lot of criticism, especially since it was not his first speed test. But who is really the Czech?

Radim Bazar is a billionaire, investor and car fan And devout Christian. He founded his company in 1991, which mainly invests in the construction of administrative, commercial and residential buildings. According to “Forbes” his wealth grew to about six billion crowns (260 million francs) through large orders. Only 32 checks are still rich.

The passerby invested a portion of his wealth in expensive and fast cars. According to “Forbes”, he has only one check Bugatti Chiron, The most expensive and fastest production car The world, owns. Even its predecessor, The Bugatti Veyron, standing in his garage. He shares his interest in expensive cars with his son Radim Jr. InstagramNumerous photos of Bogotis, Lamborghinis and Porsche are on the profile.

Radim is the eldest son of Jr. Passer. Two marriages of the richest investor have a total of five children. Max, Bosser’s first child, died of a serious illness shortly after birth. It was this blow of fate that brought the 58-year-old to religion.

Radim Bazar thanks God for the protection

He believes he is a Seventh-day Adventist Founder of Christianity Will be back soon. He gave several lectures and wrote four books in which he reported on his life and his religion. He wants to spread his faith through a Christian organization and a Christian school.

Under his racer video, Rodim Basser thanks God for the safety and good conditions. People confidently created the video Founder of Christianity Bring closer.

Is the 400km / h speed too fast for a German autobahn?

Even if he is close to himself through the video Founder of Christianity It is not clear what came. However, it is certain that German officials have been in close contact with the investor: the Ministry of Transport has told the AP that behavior that endangers other road users will be punished by law.

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