June 18, 2024

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1,700 refugees stranded on boat off Scotland

1,700 refugees stranded on boat off Scotland

1,700 refugees from the war in Ukraine have been living on boats in Scotland for months. Apart from small rooms, bureaucratic hurdles also cause problems.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • 1,700 Ukrainians have been stranded on boats from Scotland for months.
  • It also brings bureaucratic problems as the ship is not considered an address.
  • Many Scottish politicians have criticized the situation and called for changes.

Millions of people He fled the war in Ukraine. Recipient countries face a huge task Adequate accommodation for refugees to find out. Scotland, which currently has around 22,000 Ukrainians, is also having trouble. So about 1,700 refugees were put on a boat – where they are now waiting.

According to the “DailyMail”, 1,700 people have been living on a ship owned by the Estonian shipping company Dalinc in the port of Edinburgh since July. But the living conditions are not ideal and there are many complaints.

The cabins of the boat dwellers are very small. The crew speaks Russian – not exactly comfortable for those fleeing the Russian invaders. Except, that is Website Slowly.

There are also bureaucratic issues: the ship cannot be given a permanent address. So applying for a visa, finding the best accommodation or getting a discounted bus pass is difficult. This also makes it difficult for children to enroll in school or English classes. There is also doubt as to whether the vessel is suitable for such long-term accommodation.

Politician: “Government failed miserably in Ukraine war

There is also criticism of shelter from politics: Tory politician Miles Briggs can understand Ukrainians’ frustration. “You’ve been dragged aboard for months.” The Government Do more and finally find permanent homes. A lab spokesman spoke of a “disgraceful failure”.

Do you support refugees from the war in Ukraine?

Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has called. Government Finally the private accommodation is regulated and released. Around 2500 houses are waiting. Do it Government Continue at the same pace Refugees can Still living on board for years since the war in Ukraine.

The City of Edinburgh Council claims it did not receive a formal complaint. Ukrainians turned to other organizations. Efforts to employ refugees in private companies have been accelerated.

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