July 20, 2024

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Salt-Bay Bill Wine Expert: “Prices are absolutely over the top!”

A 160,000 franc bill wine specialist from Salt Bay

“Prices are absolutely over the top”

On Instagram, classic butcher Salt Bay (39) recently boasted of a bill from his restaurant that amounted to 160,000 Swiss francs. Guests paid CHF 129,000 for wine alone. Bligh wine expert Tobias Gizzi says.


Turkish star restaurant influencer and classic butcher Salt Bay (39) charges high prices for his restaurants.

Turkish star restaurateur, influencer and classic butcher Salt Bay (39), whose real name is Nusred Koke, is facing a storm of anger on social media.

The reason: The classic butcher recently boasted on Instagram that his restaurant charged the equivalent of 160,000 francs. No, find his followers.