June 22, 2024

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போலீஸ்si police officers are not in the mood for 2G tests

2G has been in effect in Austrian stores since yesterday. Retired police officers should control the rules against the corona virus. But they want to be asleep.

Briefly essentials

  • The state police wanted to use retired police officers.
  • They need to verify the 2G credentials of the shoppers.
  • Recruitment Process Adhesive: Only 5 percent of the former officers asked are in the mood.

Since yesterday I Eastern neighbor of Switzerland Strict regulations in the fight against corona virus. who In Austria Need to go shopping, they need 2G certification. For example, supermarkets and drug stores are excluded.

To do Tightness Restrictions are also included. Police are currently actively searching for corona irregularities.

Top police officials should also help. By the end of this year, the state police department had written a letter to about 700 retired officers under the age of 70, according to “Krone”. This should give some relief to the police stations.

Corona virus controls: Retired police officers are not paid

In a two-page letter with good pay (3034 Euro Total) Advertising. What is the prerequisite for this Pensioner– Police officers who have served in the civil service for 41 years.

In addition, corona inspectors do not have police uniforms and they serve in the country service.

What do you think about police raids on stores?

However, search adhesive. None of the 700 former police officers contacted so far have signed.

“We have received feedback from 37 police officers. They will now receive their documents,” said Governor Thomas Stelcher (ÖVP)’s office.

Are you satisfied with the five percent response rate? “After all, in the best of circumstances, one frees 37 active police officers,” the Stelcher office continues.

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