August 14, 2022

Columbus Post

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War in Ukraine. Moscow reports destruction of weapons depots +++ Kyiv reports broad frontal attacks by Russia.

Roger Myerson, a Nobel laureate in economics, says that Switzerland, with its federalism and armed neutrality, could serve as a model for post-war Ukraine.

Myerson said Ukraine could maintain its independence in the future only if it had a strong military after the war. “Click”. However, this should not appear as a threat to Russia, otherwise the next conflict is imminent.

As for the political system, Ukraine has already reorganized its institutions in the direction of federalism in recent years. Local mayors have been given more power. This should be taken into account when rebuilding.

Switzerland can play an important role in mediating between Ukraine and Russia. Switzerland has never been part of NATO and has never taken a stand for or against Russia in the past. It gives her more credibility.

If Switzerland proposes solutions, it doesn’t look like a NATO conspiracy. The Swiss government should take that role — that responsibility — more seriously, says Myerson, who teaches conflict and game theory at the University of Chicago.

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