May 26, 2024

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Wagner’s team is now recruiting from sports clubs

Wagner’s team is now recruiting from sports clubs

The Wagner group plays a key role in the war in Ukraine. In Pakmut, among other places, chief Evgeny Prigozhin’s militias are stationed. He is now breaking new ground in recruitment as he still has enough men.

As the US Institute for the Study of War writes, the focus is on sports clubs. At least three new recruitment centers opened between Thursday and Saturday. and important sporting venues.

Wagner wants to recruit more fighters to the Russian Boxing Association in Tyumen, Western Siberia. The same goes for Antares Sports Club in Rostov in southern Russia and Dinamo Samara in the Volga region.

In addition, according to Russian media, a youth club of the Wagner group was established in St. Petersburg. The club is called Wagnerniog. According to reports, youths are motivated by patriotic events for military special operations.

According to ISW, the reason for the new openings could be the recent cessation of inmate recruitment. In early February, Prigozhin said the troops had stopped accepting prisoners.

This week, Wagner indicated that his boss, the Kremlin, had barred him from this type of recruitment. The government around Vladimir Putin is also said to have sabotaged ammunition supplies to Prigozhin’s militia.

Russia has reportedly taken 50,000 prisoners for the war in Ukraine. A large number of convicted criminals were lured into the army with the prospect of release.

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