June 22, 2024

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Wagner boss threatens Putin to withdraw his mercenaries

Wagner boss threatens Putin to withdraw his mercenaries

Is the Russian Front Collapsing in the Ukraine War? Wagner boss Prigozhin has threatened Putin to withdraw his mercenaries from Bagmut.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Wagner boss threatens Putin to withdraw his mercenaries from Ukraine war.
  • Prigozhin promises: “This is the collapse of the front” and: “Crimea will fall.”

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin feels abandoned by the Kremlin in the Ukraine war. The leader of the brutal troops has repeatedly complained about the Russian military leadership in his video messages over the past few days. Problems for Prigogine were too little ammunition for his mercenaries, too few new recruits and a loaded muzzle.

Without its mercenaries, Prigozhin says Russia would be in a much worse position in the Ukraine war. He strongly criticizes the fact that the Russian authorities want to blame his fighters for the defeats.

Wagner boss Prigozhin threatens Putin to withdraw his mercenaries from the Ukraine war. – @wartranslated

In his latest message on Telegram, Wagner boss made it clear that the camel is full. He threatens dire consequences! “Putin’s chef” did not even rule out withdrawing his mercenaries from the battles around Bagmut.

Such a move would be dangerous for the Kremlin. The battle for Bachmut has been going on for months, and the city is on the verge of falling. With this order, Prigozhin could destroy everything. The message is clear: Boss Wagner wants more support from Putin for his mercenaries.

Do you think the Wagner group will actually withdraw from the Ukraine war?

“If Wagner withdraws from Buckmutt now, the whole front will collapse,” Prigozhin clarified. According to the brutal leader, this will be very uncomfortable for all factions that want to protect Russia, and explains: “Due to a spring effect, Ukraine may then cross the Russian border, maybe even beyond.”

Then the front collapses and: “Then Crimea will fall,” he prophesied that the Kremlin would play a disastrous role if Wagner was withdrawn.

Boss Wagner sees himself as a military leader in the Ukraine war

The threats were one of many baseless accusations that the Wagner leader used to boost the status of his personal army. The conflict between Prigogine and the Kremlin has not been limited to the outbreak of the Ukraine war.

Wagner is considered bossy and ambitious. Since taking Soledar and advancing on Pakmut, he sees himself as the true military leader of Russia. Speculation is rife that if Putin falls, Prigozhin may sneak into the presidential chair.

Rumors about the war in Ukraine cannot be independently verified. The fact that Prigozhin sees himself for higher tasks, he has never hidden of late.

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