May 26, 2024

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USA letter: Zalando classifies him as a right-wing extremist


“Anti-Fascist Fashion”“America” ​​is now Zalando's Nazi symbol

Right-wing extremists regularly use fashion brands for their propaganda. According to Zalando, the acronym USA is also said to refer to Hitler – but clothing with the inscription is still sold.

Leticia Vecchio
  • Online retailer Zalando has been part of the “Fashion against Fascism” campaign since April.

  • Writing also applies in this context America (“Our dear Adolph») as a possible allusion to the Nazis.

  • However, the company is not consistent: the online store still has a lot of clothes America– Print.

What do you think of when you hear the summary? America reading? Maybe not in «Our Blessed Adolf » – A “Secret Code” from Winifred Wagner, an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler. But very few are likely to know this; Most people simply think of America.

In Nazi circles, clothing that shows… America Out of print, but growing. For this reason, online retailer Zalando has now openly reacted and removed most of the USA clothing from its range. This is what “build” conveys. The move is part of the “Fashion against Fascism” campaign, which was launched in April by Zalando and the Hamburg association “Laut gegen Nazis”.

More online shop USA clothing

Part of the project is a database in which specific, potentially fascist words and numerical codes are summarized; Currently there are 200 entries. About you, Baur and Bonprix also participate in the program. “Together we can only prevent questionable printed products from being distributed or sold,” says Zalando board member Pascal Brun. However, Jalando doesn't have all the clothes yet America Removed from the range, a look at the online store proves.

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The “Loud Against the Nazis” association, which helped launch the campaign, defended the “Bild” classification. America The right-wing tends to be extremist: “It could be America “This may seem a bit strange at first glance, but we know from experience and research that this is not the first time that right-wing extremist scenes have misused existing symbols, acronyms or brands for their own purposes.” It always depends on the context in which symbols are used or misused.

“Our Blessed Adolph”

No doubt the acronym USA was used by old Nazis after World War II when they could not say the name of the “leader” in public. Winifred Wagner, the niece of the famous composer Richard Wagner, felt, as she put it at the time, “forbidden to speak.” “I mean, we old National Socialists invented a new code name after the war. Since we couldn't talk about him in public, we called him USA, which means in German: Our Blessed Adolf.”

Adolf Hitler with Winifred Wagner at the Bayreuth Festival in the 1930s.

Adolf Hitler with Winifred Wagner at the Bayreuth Festival in the 1930s.

IMAGO/United Archives

Decades after the end of the Nazi regime, Winifred remained true to her principles. In 1975, in an interview that became part of a documentary, he said: “If Hitler came here at the door today, I would look at him as always and be happy and happy to see him.”

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