April 15, 2024

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Texan kills his wife – she filmed it


TexasPatricia (48) filmed how her husband Gary shot her

Texan (60), who came to know about their affair, shot his wife dead in front of their house. An all-female jury sentenced her to ten years in prison.

  • A Texas man who shot his wife to death has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

  • Gary Birmingham (60) had previously discovered his wife, twelve years his junior, was having an affair.

  • Their daughter says: “My father also died that day.”

The verdict sparked criticism: Gary Birmingham, of Spring, Texas, was given ten years in prison with the possibility of parole after five years for the murder, which the victim documented on video using his smartphone. All women judges in the state waived the statutory maximum sentence of 20 years.

In the disturbing video from December 2021, Birmingham can be seen standing in the driveway of his home in Spring, Texas, wearing a bathrobe and holding a gun. Birmingham told his wife Patricia: “Okay, goodbye. You're going to meet Jesus now. I hope it's worth it,” before he raised the gun and shot her a total of three times. Then the recording ends.

The 30-minute altercation ended in bloodshed

Their daughter Olivia was at school when the shooting happened. Earlier there was a 30 minute argument between the couple. Several minutes of the conversation can be heard in audio recordings obtained by ABC13. It later formed a large part of Birmingham's defence. “I'm done,” Gary says on the tape, while Patricia replies, “I'm done too,” as their conversation grows increasingly heated.

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Of her father's sentence, daughter Olivia said: “I lost both my parents that day. My father also died that day because the people who did this to my mother and father were not the same person”. Security Strategy, Birmingham's Action He assured emotionally Depicting it leaves her in great doubt: “I don't know—sudden infatuation? You have to bear this decision within yourself for a while. I don't feel it's something you do to someone you really love.”

“You took away the person I loved the most”

Olivia addressed her father directly in court: “It doesn't matter what this trial says – you know what kind of woman she is, you know what you've done, how you've treated the person I love the most from this world. .”

The victim's sister, Mary Dees, was also horrified by the soft sentence: “My sister was strong and didn't back down or show fear in front of this man. The prosecutors did a great job and were shocked by the verdict. Even the judge was shocked. “Justice was not served here,” she concludes. “My sister Carrie Birmingham is not a victim.

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