July 23, 2024

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US Senator Cinema left the Democratic Party

The majority is changing

US Senator Cinema left the Democratic Party

US Senator Kirsten Sinema has announced her departure from the Democratic Party and plans to become an independent politician in the future. It can change the majority in the House of Parliament.

Kirsten Cinema is an Arizona State Senator.

Party politics focuses on harming the other side instead of working for American citizens, the 46-year-old wrote in an op-ed from his home state, the Arizona Republic, on Friday. “So I join a growing number of people in Arizona rejecting partisan politics in declaring my independence from Washington’s broken party system.”

It was initially unclear to what extent the voting behavior of centrist cinema, which has repeatedly blocked Democrats’ legislative proposals in the past, might change. However, he told the “Politico” website: “Nothing will change in my values ​​and my behavior”. With Bernie Sanders and Angus King, there are already two independent senators, however, who usually vote with the Democrats, so their due.