May 24, 2024

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Ukraine: Ex-Mayor Fights Frontline Against Russians

The former mayor of Ukraine is now fighting on the front line against the Russians

From Putin fan to Zelensky admirer

Former Kharkiv Mayor Mikhail Dobkin (52) was a Putin fan. But since the war broke out in February, the former politician has made a stunning 180-degree turn.


Gone are the days when Mikhail Topkin was close to Vladimir Putin. His daughter posted some photos on Instagram to prove it.

Mikhail Dobkin, 52, a former mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine, was once a staunch Putin fan. But that time is over for politicians. Since the Russians invaded Ukraine, Dobkin has reversed course and is now behind Volodymyr Zelensky (44).

“He is ours because he stayed with us. We in Ukraine are now behind him,” he said in a recently released video. Surprise: Topkin was not known as Zelensky’s friend for a long time. However, since the outbreak of war, that has changed.