April 19, 2024

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Ukraine conflict – EU prepares for worse situation – News


Many EU foreign ministers believe Russia will strike Ukraine militarily.

Russia and several EU countries appear to be preparing for war against Ukraine. This was made clear at a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

EU Foreign Representative Joseph Borel said after a discussion that one is preparing for the worst situation, while at the same time expecting the best solution to the conflict.

Implications for Russia

The starting point for the Foreign Ministers’ discussion is the latest NATO findings. Accordingly, Russia withdrew 100,000 troops from the Ukrainian border.

EU foreign envoy Borel warned that any aggression against Ukraine would have direct political consequences and a huge economic cost to Russia.

There are barriers in the room

It’s not just words. EU countries have also decided on specific sanctions against Russian mercenary Wagner and its affiliates and individuals.

Wagner’s activities are not only in Ukraine, but also in Syria and Libya. The tense situation in Ukraine will also be the subject of a meeting of EU leaders and government in Brussels on Thursday.

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