June 22, 2024

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Travel agencies advertise holidays in Ukraine

Travel agencies advertise holidays in Ukraine

It sounds like a bad joke: tourist companies actually advertise holidays in Ukraine – even after the war. Often open borders make it possible to enter the country – for example through Poland or Slovakia.

So theaters of war like Kiev or the recently liberated Cherson can be reached by train or bus. This was reported by “NTV” news channel.

A related Ukrainian website comes up with some ideas to attract more tourists back to Ukraine. For example, “Best winter excursions in Ukraine” or classic city tours are advertised. If you want, you can walk in the “traces of war”.

But that’s not all: foreigners are informed about how to join the International Legion to fight in the war in Ukraine.

The platform also includes tips for safe visits to bombed-out cities. This includes apps that provide information about wind alerts.

Additionally, bulletproof vests and “war risk insurance” are recommended. Especially recommended for tourists: Western Ukraine.

There is a “well-developed tourism infrastructure”. However, residents must refrain from being displayed. The site promises that all profits from the sales of the tours will benefit Ukrainian refugees. More than two million foreigners are expected to cross the border into Ukraine by 2022.

Despite ostensibly good intentions, these draconian tourism incentives were not supported by the government. In fact, the promotion of tourism offers in the country had to wait until the end of the war.