July 20, 2024

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This man is said to have killed Darja Tukhina


According to the Russian Secret Service, this man allegedly assisted in the attack on Darja Dukina.

Darya Dukina († 29), one of Putin’s rebels, was killed in a car bomb attack on 20 August. Her father, radical nationalist Alexander Dugin, 60, is also believed to have died in the process. But he accidentally escaped the attack. The background is still unclear. But not to the Russians. The secret service put forward a suspect in no time: Ukrainian agent Natalja V.* (43) was behind it, who managed to leave the country shortly after the assassination.

According to their own reports, Russian investigators have now identified another suspected participant. According to the state agency TASS, the domestic secret service FSB announced that the Ukrainian, born in 1978, entered the country via Estonia on July 30. Specifically: About Boris K.* (44). He allegedly helped prepare the crime and fled Russia again. Among others, K. His agent allegedly provided the necessary documents to his colleague and helped assemble the car bomb.