June 22, 2024

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Rostec advertises German airline: Russian Irkut MS-21 wears Lufthansa livery

Rostec advertises German airline: Russian Irkut MS-21 wears Lufthansa livery

Russian state-owned Rostec shows what the Irkut MS-21 will look like in the design of Lufthansa and American Airlines. Advertises Western airlines as customers.

Will aircraft manufacturers from Russia or China be able to compete with top dogs Airbus and Boeing in 10 or 20 years? Can Irkut and Comac gain significant market share from European and American manufacturers?

During discussions about the future of aircraft construction, the question has come up again and again in recent years. Many experts opined: China can make it with its largest market and large state-owned airlines.

Rostec disseminates “creative” images

On the other hand, very few believed that it had anything to do with Russia having already failed internationally with the Sukhoi Superjet. With the invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia, one would think that would no longer be an issue. But Russian state-owned company Rostec apparently sees things differently.

The Rostec aircraft construction consortium controls UAC, which includes Irkut, Ilyushin, Tupolev and Sukhoi. The technology and armaments group has now posted pictures on its Telegram channel, in which a design competition has made it “a bit creative”, according to Rostec. In it you will not only see the Irkut MS-21 in the livery of Russian Aeroflot. The customer of the sample There is

Known as MS-21 D-RUS in Lufthansa colours

There are also displays of MS-21 in Lufthansa and American Airlines liveries. Rostec writes: “So far, Lufthansa and American Airlines have used Boeing and Airbus aircraft, but who knows what will happen in five to ten years?”

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Rostec advertises that the MS-21 has 40 percent composite materials, a record for medium-range jets. This makes the model light and economical. The team appreciates the large windows and spacious room. “Aeroflot will be the first operator of the aircraft,” says Rostec. “Lufthansa and American Airlines may line up.”

Brussels Airlines once flew a Superjet

A computer-designed MS-21 in the Lufthansa design has a D-RUS license plate and a German and Russian flag next to it. On the front of the fuselage, under the model name, you can read: #ExploreTheNew. Russian PD-14 machine, what can be seen There is no alternative to Irkut due to restrictions.

In fact, long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Lufthansa fleet had Russian planes. Since early 2017, Belgian subsidiary Brussels Airlines has operated six Sukhoi Superjets at times. Passengers from Brussels are very satisfied with the model, if it flies. But there are many breakdowns and Sukhoi has insufficient service network. Flights are frequent and the ground is very long and such The airline phased them out again in early 2019.

Bermuda registered Aeroflot jet

Although Russia is seeing interest from Europe today, it cannot run the models, at least for now. In March, the European Aviation Safety Agency approved several Russian models, including the Superjet. Certificates are cancelled. He said he would not accept applications from Russian companies until further notice, so MS-21 would not get the green light for now.

Meanwhile, the images distributed by Rostec contain another interesting detail: the Aeroflot jet has the registration number VP-BDC registered from Bermuda. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Russian aircraft were registered in Bermuda, although that has always been a thorn in the side of domestic authorities. After the beginning of the Russian invasion However, the islands’ government revoked the pilot’s license.

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You can see three designs in the gallery above.