June 15, 2024

Columbus Post

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The war was very expensive for Russia


Russian losses — material and human — in the war against Ukraine are high.

Russia’s war on Ukraine has cost Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, 70. noise “Forbes Ukraine” After nine months of war, Russia’s military spending was about US$82 billion. That means the war against Ukraine is expected to cost about ten billion dollars a month. By comparison, Russia’s military spending in 2021 was noisy “Governmentist” About US$ 65.9 billion.

The provision of troops has swallowed a lot of money – 28.7 billion US dollars have already been spent on it. On average, a soldier costs about $200 a day. In October, Russia drastically increased its troop numbers. Forbes reports that 300,000 demobilized soldiers will cost the budget of the Russian Federation an additional 1.8 billion dollars per month.