July 20, 2024

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The waiters angered the new uniform from the hooters

The waiters angered the new uniform from the hooters

Hooters attracts staff anger with new, more tight shorts, and many threaten to leave. The company now offers them a choice.

Summarize the essentials

  • Hooters tightens the shorts of its employees.
  • Many have complained to Dictok about this and threatened to terminate the contract.
  • In Texas, the feedback has been very positive as the new uniform is already being worn.

Restaurant chain hooters burgers, chicken wings and especially Serve in suede clothing. The company has been criticized several times for this. But instead of revealing the uniform less, it further reduces the already tight shorts.

Hooters are mainly used for this Was harshly criticized in DictokFor example, one employee says, “I don’t want to wear underwear to work.” The pants in the old uniform look like shorts and the new ones look like underwear. Another user writes, “You hate your whole”

An employee compares in dictator. The old shorts show part of the pump, but they hid what needed to be hidden. However, the new ones, “do not hide anything”, they get stuck between the bits. When she signed, she did not agree to wear it.

The staff is very annoyed. Many threatened to withdraw from social media if they wore the new uniform. However, employees can decide for themselves which shorts are best for their body type and personal image. That’s what the company said. “NBC News.

Do you like hooters?

The new uniforms are the result of collaboration with staff. According to Hooters, they have been worn for months in some Texas restaurants. The feedback is very positive. Employees will comment on future clothing adjustments and accessories.

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