July 24, 2024

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The main vaccine opponent is happy about Corona – and died

The main vaccine opponent is happy about Corona – and died

A Dutch suspect has died of the corona virus. A few days ago, he confirmed that he had not been vaccinated and seemed happy about the infection.

Briefly essentials

  • Leading critic of measures and vaccines died of corona in the Netherlands.
  • He wrote about his infection: “About time.”
  • He called for action in safe zones for those at risk and for no outside rules.

One of the most popular Measuring vaccines and antagonists A native of the Netherlands has died of the corona virus. According to the broadcaster NOS, Robin Franzman died of an illness at a hospital in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

In early December, the 53-year-old, who was convinced he had not been vaccinated, still appeared. To be happy about his infection. “Corona is positive. And about time,” he wrote Twitter. After a while, he was taken to the hospital, where he was Christmas Passed away.

At the onset of the epidemic, an economist analyzed the effects of action on the economy for a newspaper. Long Govid also spoke about the danger. Then his mind slowly changed: Long Cowid was dismissed as a fantasy and he spread conspiracy theories on social media. Protective effect of vaccine and risk of corona virus Raised the question.

Corona virus: Suspects wanted “safe areas” for those at risk

Robin Francesman not only criticized the move, but also offered an alternative to locks with his company. He called for “safe areas” for people at risk, where drastic measures should be taken. Outside of this, life must go on unhindered.

The Dutch health minister immediately rejected the plan. People who are vulnerable to not being able to change this will be given second-class citizenship status.

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