May 26, 2024

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The girl is thrown from the ride by Silby and dies


FranceWoman (27) thrown from Silby ride – dies

A terrible accident occurred at a fair in Blois, France: a woman was thrown from a ride. She died of severe injuries.

Reto Polman
  • There was a terrible accident in Chilby, France.

  • A 27-year-old woman was thrown from the ride and succumbed to her injuries.

  • The State Attorney's Office has launched an investigation and the ride operator was arrested.

Tragic death in France: A 27-year-old woman died after being thrown from a fair in Blois (Centre-Val de Loire region) from Saturday to Sunday.Geneva Tribune» is reported.

A judicial inquiry has begun

As the city administration writes in a press release, the woman from Blois was immediately taken to the hospital, but did not survive her injuries. A judicial investigation is underway.

The owner and operator of the ride in question were taken into police custody on Saturday evening shortly after the accident, a lawyer told AFP news agency on Sunday.

Video evaluation is in progress

“Investigations are continuing. The ride has been sealed for inspection. Several witnesses have been interviewed and third-party video is currently being evaluated,” the state prosecutor said.

According to previous findings, the victim was protected with a protective device, a type of barrier. What happened to the device and why it did not protect the victim is now a matter of understanding, the lawyer insists. According to the public prosecutor, the young woman's family has filed a complaint against unidentified persons for negligent homicide.

Revolving with gondolas

The theme of the ride is the National Football League. Various gondolas were attached to a large turntable, in the center of which was a large American football. The gondolas can accommodate two or three people each.

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Due to the death, the Blois fair, scheduled to run from March 30 to April 21, closed a day earlier than planned. He said the city administration “shares the pain of the family”. He also emphasized on investing heavily in the exhibition's security. Each ride will be inspected individually and throughout the exhibition.

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