May 24, 2024

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This is Russia’s new mega submarine K-329

Six 100-ton nuclear warheads on board

This is Putin’s new “Doomsday” submarine

The dimensions of Russia’s new submarine “K-329 Belgorod” are enormous. Now the warship is officially underway on behalf of the Navy.

Published: 7:40 pm


Updated: 59 minutes ago

Russia’s new mega-submarine has been around for days. The mysterious K-329 Belgorod was handed over to the Russian Navy – officially for research purposes. But there’s more behind it: the K-329 is the world’s largest nuclear-powered submarine.

The dimensions of the submarine are staggering. According to US marine expert HI Sutton on Twitter, the vessel is said to be 184 meters long. He writes that it will become the longest submarine world”. Unlike earlier Russian-built submarines, it was to be used for specialized missions at greater depths.