July 23, 2024

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Sweden shows increased presence in the Baltic Sea +++ Czech Republic prepares arms supply to Ukraine

Sweden shows increased presence in the Baltic Sea +++ Czech Republic prepares arms supply to Ukraine

In view of the escalating conflict in Ukraine, Sweden is keeping an eye on Russian operations in the Baltic Sea. It is not a question of over-readiness, but the Swedish military’s insistence on redistributing resources in readiness, which on Thursday released images of troops and equipment strengthening – including shots of tanks crossing the streets of Sweden’s largest Baltic Sea island. Drove to Cotland.

Swedish Army armored vehicles patrol largely on the largest Swedish island in Cotland in the Baltic Sea.


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is scheduled to meet with Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde and Finland’s Foreign Minister Becca Havistov on Monday. The Scandinavian EU country had already increased its presence in Cotland a week ago.

Unlike neighboring Finland, Sweden is not a member of NATO, but both countries are close partners in military alliances. As Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hulkquist made clear in a televised debate on Thursday evening, it should remain so. Hultqvist Deutsche Welle said on Friday: “We can not deny the armed attack on Sweden. So he wanted to make it clear that his country was ready to defend itself. “Sweden is ready to defend its sovereignty and integrity.

A few days ago, some Russian landing ships were also spotted in the Baltic Sea. A total of six ships were in the area, more than usual, according to the TT news agency. They are now out of the Baltic Sea again, but have been anchored in three docks in the middle of the week due to bad weather.

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In Finland last weekend, a large Russian cargo plane caused a surprise as it reportedly flew over Finnish airspace. In Sweden, many drones were spotted at important locations, such as nuclear power stations – and it is not clear where they came from.

Finnish Prime Minister Channa Marin recently said it was “highly unlikely” that his country would become a NATO member under his leadership. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat EU’s member state, which has a long national border with Russia.