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Sudan: Evacuation halted – how do the Swiss return home?

Sudan: Evacuation halted – how do the Swiss return home?

Dangerous security situation

Will German Bundeswehr kick Swiss out of Sudan?

Due to security concerns, German evacuation efforts were temporarily halted. Meanwhile, the FDA has announced that it is “exploring options” to bring Swiss nationals to safety at the site.


Fighting continues in Sudan between the army and the RSF paramilitary.


  • A fierce conflict has been going on between the army and the paramilitary in Sudan for the past few days.

  • The German government’s planned withdrawal must be halted, and Switzerland still has no concrete plans.

  • About 100 Swiss nationals still in the country will now be evacuated with the Bundeswehr.

In Sudan, fierce fighting continues between the country’s army and paramilitary forces. On top of that Fighting continued in the capital Khartoum on Wednesday And, as eyewitnesses wrote on Twitter. Artillery fire was heard in the capital in the evening, and at least 185 people had already died.

“Allow citizens of other countries to leave the country”

Meanwhile, the site still has citizens from Western countries. The German evacuation attempt had to be called off on Wednesday evening Unsafe situation at site, landing of three A400M transport aircraftAlready been to Sudan, impossible.

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Around 100 Swiss nationals currently in Sudan are also awaiting rescue – but it is currently not publicly known what form this will take. The Federal Department of External Affairs (FDFA) said on Wednesday evening that they are currently investigating “Potential evacuation of remaining citizens». However, no details have been released due to security reasons.

The FDA currently keeps a low profile on whether it’s possible for you to self-exclude in a sensitive security situation. During a recent visit to Portugal, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Germany would try to allow citizens of other countries to leave the country during a possible rescue operation.

German support was already in Afghanistan

Will the Swiss be kicked out of Sudan by Bundeswehr soldiers? Already at Evacuation of embassy staff from Afghan capital Kabul The Swiss personnel were first flown to the US embassy by a German helicopter and then left the country on a US plane when the Taliban were on Kabul’s doorstep.

Switzerland without a suitable flight

There is also a more practical reason for Switzerland to rely on German aid for its withdrawal: unlike Germany, the Swiss military is vast. No large transport aircraft. The only transport aircraft in the Swiss Navy are small private jets, which are mainly used to transport high-ranking military personnel.

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