May 21, 2024

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Lightning over Ukraine. It’s behind the mysterious blue light over Kiev

Lightning over Ukraine.  It’s behind the mysterious blue light over Kiev

A blue light in the sky, a flash, a bang: something fell over Kiev. The thesis that the satellite had crashed was rejected. But it is not a new Russian weapon.

No time? Blue news in a nutshell for you

  • Blue light in Kyiv on April 19 at 21:00 CEST.
  • It was originally reported to be a NASA satellite whose crash was reported.
  • Now the authorities are waking up to a meteorite falling over Ukraine.

When a mysterious blue light flickers over a capital that is at first inexplicable, the hour of the speculators arrives: on April 19 at 21:00 CEST a celestial event excites the people of Kiev and supporters of conspiracy theories. .

“UFO falls in Kiev,” it reads Here. “UFO hits Russian missile,” they trumpet there. “A crashed spaceship?”, worries he asked.

Although aliens are unlikely to be responsible for this phenomenon, an accident from space has not been ruled out at first: a NASA satellite has been attributed to the downfall of a light over Ukraine. But the US space agency denied it.

As requested BBC NASA reports that all of its satellites are still in orbit. He had earlier announced that the 300-kg RHESSI satellite might fall to Earth on April 19, but that did not happen.

So what event? Did Russia Test a New Weapon in Kiev? The Ukrainian Air Force believes there is nothing to these theses: although an air alert was triggered, “air defenses were not used,” reports Serhii Babko from Kiev’s military administration on Telegram.

But now the Ukrainian space agency wants to know the cause of the flash of light. It was also observed over Belarus: most likely the reason for the sky shining There will be a meteorIt fell into the atmosphere.