June 7, 2023

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Sochi: Putin is said to have his secret hideout here


New recordings of Putin’s secret hideout – that’s what you need to find out

Putin repeatedly disappears from the scene for days, no one knows where. Until now: A research team has reportedly succeeded in finding one of his retreats.


Voices from the Kremlin speak of Putin’s “paranoia.”


  • Putin is said to be ruled by parochialism.

  • He repeatedly disappears from the scene for a few days – no one knows.

  • A state-owned research team has now succeeded in finding one of his retreats.

Putin is said to be afraid: before war broke out in Ukraine, the Kremlin existed Putin’s accusation is “paranoia” ask. Footage showed him carrying only his own mug, wearing a bulletproof vest in public and always surrounded by a crowd of bodyguards.

The fear of something happening to him is high now President of Russia gradually withdraws. He repeatedly disappears from the place for a few days and no one knows where he is during this time. According to “Frankfurter Rundschau”, a research team led by jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has now succeeded in identifying one of Putin’s retreats. The group says the president has a secret hideout with a missile defense system.

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Three buildings, a helipad and a missile defense system

According to the research of “NavalnyLive”, Putin’s secret residence is in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, 50 kilometers from Sochi. Officially, the nearly 20-hectare property belongs to Gazprom, but unofficially it is said to be the winter residence of the Russian president.

The property consists of three buildings, a helipad and a ski lift. There is also a missile defense system for the protection of the President.

Despite the fear that something might happen to him, Putin does not want to give up the luxury life: part of the property is a wellness area, a Swarovski chandelier or a luxury grand piano worth about 70,000 francs «NavalnyLive» research group.

Not the only retreat

Said property — if it is one — may not be Putin’s only hideout. Rumors of Putin’s retreat have surfaced repeatedly in recent months. Putin, for example, is said to have a residence in Valdai, where he lives with his mistress, or hides in a hideaway in the Urals.

Estonian defense chief Riho Terras once claimed Putin was hiding in war-torn Ukraine.

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