April 15, 2024

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Tuners met in Bremgarten on Car Friday

Tuners met in Bremgarten on Car Friday

Time and time again, car enthusiasts meet illegally at Swiss rest stops and parking lots. Police come frequently, check cars and distribute buses. About 150 tuning fans with their cars met at Bremgarten AG on Friday evening. But here everything was in order, the police did not come.

Reason: It is an organized and legal meeting. It’s a place to get together, talk about the car and show off what’s new.

Because: “Everything is agreed upon,” explains Aaron. The organizers contacted the company that owns the venue and got permission to use it. Within a week, the police were also informed and they knew where they were and what was happening. “No problem so far, police cooperation is good.”

This is definitely due to the rules set by the organizers and clearly communicated during the visit. Engine running and speeding are prohibited. Anyone breaking the rules will be warned first and blacklisted for a second violation. “Then he’ll be redirected at the next meeting,” Aaron explains.

At the meeting at Bremgarten AG, everyone followed the rules. They only drove faster in the race of bobby cars.

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