May 21, 2024

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Serbia is Russia’s only loyal ally in Europe

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Serbia is a bastion of Russia’s loyalists in Europe

Serbia is a staunchly pro-Russian island in the middle of Europe. Demonstrators and football fans made that clear once again over the weekend.


Demonstration rally in Belgrade on Sunday. Protesters hold a giant Putin flag in anger at an LGBTQ event.

Europe marks the distance between Russia and warlord Vladimir Putin (69). Nowhere was anti-Russian fervor greater than in the former Eastern bloc states of the Soviet empire. Old Soviet monuments are currently being demolished between the Baltic and the Balkans. There is one island in Europe that is loyal to Russia and Putin: Serbia.

The Serbians proved it once again at the weekend. Demonstrators marched through Belgrade with a large Putin flag. It was a protest march against a planned LGBTQ event that was supposed to take place in the Serbian capital from September 12-18, 2022.