June 22, 2024

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Russian tourist makes fun of Ukrainian women on vacation

Russian tourist makes fun of Ukrainian women on vacation

A Russian tourist causes trouble in Salzburg: he makes fun of Ukrainian women because of the war in Ukraine and does it himself. Punishment is given on the spot.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A Russian tourist flirts with Ukrainian women during his vacation in Salzburg.
  • He taunts them with words like “Russia will win” and “Glory to Russia”.
  • After the video was shared on social media, Booking.com canceled her booking.

A Russian woman shakes her head with a video on Telegram. The woman films herself walking around Salzburg. Two more women beside her – it turns out. Are they Ukrainians?.

The Russian, a so-called Putin supporter, addresses the two women and utters the words “respect to Russia”. But as “Kronen Zeitung” writes, this is not only a provocation for war in Ukraine. After looking at the camera with pride and joy, she launches into a song about the war in Ukraine.

direction of Ukrainians who fled She sings: “Russia will win”. But she is not satisfied with that.

Are you following the Ukraine war in the media?

She taunts both women by asking who actually owns Cherson. At this time even Ukrainians are reacting: «Cherson is part of Ukraine», they reply with irritation. “Yes, yes, to Ukraine! There will be a referendum there soon,” replied the Russian.

In Germany, a provocateur is being investigated

Incidentally, he is being interrogated in Bavaria, where he lives. He had boasted on the Internet that he was living illegally in Germany. In addition, he made a name for himself through repeated questionable actions.

Provocation also did not go unpunished in Salzburg: it was not the police that took care of it, but the portal “Booking.com”. After the video went viral on social media, the travel agency immediately canceled the Russian woman’s accommodation booking.

The Russian’s reaction after his stay was revoked. – Twitter / @JuliaDavisNews

“Satisfied now? You ruined my vacation », cries the Russian woman in another video posted.

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