June 18, 2024

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Russia is the largest arms supplier to Ukraine

Soldiers hastily withdrew 630 military trophies

Russia is Ukraine’s largest arms supplier

When Putin’s troops were surprised by a lightning strike by Ukrainian forces, they had to act quickly. The Russians left Ukraine in a hurry. In doing so, they left a substantial arsenal on the battlefield.


In the first weeks of September, Ukrainian troops managed to recapture dozens of villages and towns.

Things have been looking up since the Ukrainian Armed Forces stormed the east of the country. Instead of attacking only the south of the country, as expected, the Ukrainians attacked the east and then the north, catching the Russian troops cold. Their counter-offensive was a difficult one: the Ukrainians not only recaptured some 6,000 square kilometers of their territory, but also drove out the Russian troops.

The Russian soldiers left behind considerable weapons and went into hiding. Ukrainian soldiers are currently celebrating their new achievements on Twitter. “Another amazing day,” wrote one Twitter user on Wednesday. Because: With this move, Russia accidentally became Ukraine’s largest arms supplier.