July 20, 2024

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Roger Federer offers refreshing tips to city joggers

A Swiss tourism company is bringing a running shoe company on board

Roger Federer offers refreshing tips to city joggers

City tourism in Switzerland should no longer be redundant. Roger Federer and running shoe company Ann are helping keep foreign tourists coming back.


Swiss cities hit by the effects of Corona: Zurich …

Christian Kolbe

Without Roger Federer (41), nothing works on Switzerland Tour (ST). Tennis star Robert De Niro (79) or Hollywood giants like Anne Hathaway (39) promote the beauty of Switzerland.

Background: Since Corona, Swiss cities have seen no foreign guests. Tourists did not return in the first half of 2022, and the number of overnight stays continued to decline. There is still “a lot” missing before the numbers return for 2019. After all, customers from big Asian markets such as China, India or Korea are still not fully there, says ST director Martin Nydegger (51).