June 22, 2024

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Right-wing Americans are going crazy over beer ads featuring trans women

Right-wing Americans are going crazy over beer ads featuring trans women

Joff Am But Light

Because of a beer ad with a trans woman, he grabs a submachine gun

After a brewery gave trans woman Dylan Mulvaney two cans of beer after she drank Bud Light in public, the right wing is now boycotting the brand. Kid Rock even takes a six-pack with an assault rifle.


Kid Rock rocks out in Dylan Mulvaney’s video clip.

Video: 20 minutes/ John Terror

  • Anheuser-Busch brewery, the maker of Bud Light beer, is not supportive of right-wing American citizens.

  • Their reactions range from ignoring the brand to destroying beer cans.

  • The reason is a collaboration between the company and transwoman Dylan Mulvaney.

  • Nike is in trouble because of California.

Dylan Mulvaney is no stranger: The 26-year-old actress and comedian has more than 10 million followers on TikTok and has been sharing her transgender journey since coming out to celebrate during the pandemic. California, who likes to be addressed by the pronouns “she” and “they,” made a splash beyond the scene with the “Days of Girlhood” video series.

Long from right-wing conservative circles in America, he has now expressed his anger at the all-American brand: a few days ago he appeared on TikTok and Insta with some Bud Light cans. , the beer brand was ignored by his detractors. Mulvaney was from the brewery Anheuser-Busch They got a few cans of Bud Light in the mail to mark the one-year anniversary of their gender reassignment. In one clip he was happy about the present and sipped beer to impress the audience.

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A submachine gun and beer cans

As t-online.de reports, it was too much for many American conservatives: Shortly after the clip was released, harsh criticism poured in on Anheuser-Busch. Right-wing figures such as former Donald Trump aide Sebastian Gorka posted a video on Twitter in which he tossed a six-pack of Bud Light into the trash while others poured beer down the drain. Critics didn’t hold back on homophobic statements either: “Anyone who drinks Bud Light is gay,” wrote one podcaster.

But right-wing musician Kid Rock really shot the bird: He shot a video in which he shoots a few stacked beer crates with a submachine gun. “Let me be as clear and precise as possible,” he told the camera, emptying his magazine into the rifles. Then give the finger and say, «F*** butt light. And f*** Anheuser-Busch.”

And Nike is on fire

Nike is in the crosshairs these days thanks to its collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney. A transgender woman has drawn the ire of feminist leaders by appearing in a new Nike-sponsored sports bra. “Dylan Mulvaney makes fun of women so much I’m officially pissed off,” said one voice. And turned to Nike: “You prefer him over the hard-working women who regularly train in your areas? What a shame!”

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