June 13, 2024

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Quiz: Do you know which country has the longest coastline?

Quiz: Do you know which country has the longest coastline?


Do you know which country has the longest coastline?

A country with its coastline clearly ranks first. Here you can prove your geography knowledge.


These countries are in the top 3 in the list of longest beaches: Indonesia, …


  • A country clearly ranks first in terms of coastline length.

  • Other countries have not fared well along the coast.

  • Due to the irregular shape of the natural coastline, the numbers vary depending on the measurement pattern.

Now you are asked: Which country do you think has a kilometer-long beach? Guess without cheating.

The resolution is at the bottom of the article. Until then, let’s focus on countries that don’t perform well in terms of coastline length.

These countries are unlucky when it comes to beaches

Serbia lived a long time Visitors to the Adriatic coasts. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia and subsequent separation from Montenegro in 2006, Serbia also had to say goodbye to its coastline. It’s tough for Serbian tourism, writes a travel portal.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also had little luck on their coast. Located between 1800 kilometers of Croatian coastline, the country has only 22 kilometers of coastline. It is the second smallest beach in the world.

Only one country has fewer beaches – Monaco. Excluding harbors and beaches, the coastline of the Principality is 4856 meters. Compared to an area of ​​a good two square kilometers, it is not so small.

Here comes the resolution

With 200,000 kilometers of coastline, Canada is clearly number one. The mainland meets the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Arctic Ocean to the east. Atlantic Ocean. At 200,000 kilometers, Canada’s coastline is two and a half times longer than that of second-place Norway. Norway’s mainland coastline is “only” about 30,000 kilometers long. However, according to “Ranking Royals”, if you add the islands, you get about 80,000 kilometers. Indonesia is third with more than 50,000 kilometers and Greenland has more than 40,000 kilometers of coastline.

However, numbers vary widely depending on the source. For example, Wikipedia lists the United States in second place with more than 130,000 kilometers of coastline, and Russia in third place with 110,310 kilometers. Every natural beach has an irregular shape. Therefore, the length determined depends on the accuracy of the base of the map used and the accuracy of the measurement. Better measurements lead to greater beach lengths.

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