July 24, 2024

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Putin’s defenders must fight with rusty weapons

Putin’s defenders must fight with rusty weapons

According to a Ukrainian adviser, Russian soldiers should go to war in Ukraine with old weapons. Videos should provide evidence.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Russian reservists had to go into battle with old and rusty weapons.
  • A ministry adviser in Kyiv released a video as evidence.
  • The Russians reportedly sent old Soviet tanks to the front.

Partial mobilization in Russia is in full swing – but openly Not everything goes according to plan. For example, the unfit have already been called to the war in Ukraine.

Another sign: Apparently Putin’s stockpiles have to deal with old and rusty weapons. A video purporting to support this claim was released by an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister Twitter.

In the video, the recruits can be heard cursing the guns. “I’ve had enough… I won’t comment, I’m just shocked.” So they were told that the rusty guns were good enough as they were part of the tank crew.

Online detectives identified Weapon As AKM. It is a gas powered one Assault rifle, introduced by the Soviets in 1959 to replace the AK-47. In the late 1970s it was officially transferred to Soviet front service.

Old Soviet tanks from the war in Ukraine

Consultant Anton Gerashchenko commented on the video: “Mobilized in Russia get next Plastic bags are also rusty weapons.” He added: “It is said to them in remembrance of the hands.”

He was referring to the Russian claim that soldiers in the Ukraine war did not have to use old weapons. The weapons are meant to help fighters get used to the weight of the weapons they will later receive.

“But I assume they will attack with these weapons,” Gerashchenko said. The accuracy of the statements cannot be independently verified.

Anton Geraschtschenko shared another video that caused a stir earlier: records must be shown Like Russian soldiers, Soviet tanks From the camp to the war in Ukraine.

“Old Soviet tanks were removed from protection by Russia. Without protection against modern weapons,” the Ukrainian interior minister commented to this post.

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