April 15, 2024

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Brits tell of Russian horror captivity

Brits tell of Russian horror captivity

During a prisoner exchange in the Ukraine war, many were freed, including five Britons. Two of them now talked about the terrible time.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A large-scale prisoner exchange took place last week.
  • Pictures of soldiers freed from Russian custody are now circulating around the world.

A few days ago, soldiers from the war in Ukraine were freed in a large-scale prisoner exchange. They fought during the defense of Mariupol. Among them was Mykhailo Dianov, 42, who was captured by the Russians during the fighting around the Azov steelworks. He was a member of the Ukrainian Volunteer Battalion.

After four months in prison, he was released last week. Two days later, his sister Olena Lavrushko photographed him in a Kiev hospital. Image, inter alia, Ann Twitter Released, Shocked: It shows an emaciated Diano with a mutilated right arm.

He is now unrecognizable. Because along with the new post, a photo was also released showing the soldiers involved in the war in Ukraine before being arrested.

According to “Bilt” newspaper, the soldier suffered a gunshot wound in the hand. In the old film he wears a metal splint for first aid. In captivity It should have been taken away from him.

War in Ukraine: Father’s music on a continuous loop

British soldiers Shaun Later (48) and Aidan Aslin (28) also escaped Russian captivity. As later told in an interview with the British “Sun”, he lived for months on dry bread and dirt Water.

“I thought I was going to die. It was hell on earth,” said the survivor. After his arrest in Mariupol, he was transferred to “The Dark Side” prison in occupied Donetsk, where he survived. Torture at its worst.

Prisoners was played 24 hours a day by heavy metal band Slipknot and Dad. If he sleeps outside the time set by the guards, he will be beaten.

Do you think the war in Ukraine will end soon?

Aslin was also captured in the port city a few months ago. He never thought he would make it out alive, Britton told the newspaper. He was locked in a small cell and tortured with music on a ring. He had to sing along to the Russian national anthem or he would have been beaten again.

Salvation finally came to the players last week: Thanks for the help All three Britons, except for Benner and Azlin, were rescued by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

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