May 21, 2024

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Because of Putin’s threats? America sends spy planes into the air

Putin’s threat of nuclear weapons?

America launches nuclear weapons

Three spy planes circled the US over the weekend. This last happened at the end of April. Is it due to the nuclear attack threatened by Russia in the Ukraine war?


In total, the US has three RC-135 spy planes. At the end of the week everyone got the starting command.

The “Cobra Ball” has been in service with the US Air Force since the late 1970s. Among other things, the machine is used to track nuclear missiles. After Vladimir Putin’s (69) nuclear threat, the US allowed three spy planes to take off.

The US has three RC-135 aircraft. According to the Telegram channel “Ukraine 24/7”, three simultaneously circled the United States over the weekend. Cobra63 and Cobra61 are said to be staying around Alaska – near the Russian border. According to “flightradar24”, all three planes have now landed again.