May 21, 2024

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Putin supporter’s house raided: cell phones and laptop seized

Three cell phones and a laptop were seized

Attack on Putin Supporter in Landshut

A Russian woman living in Germany has gone on a rampage against Ukraine on the Internet, openly showing her support for Vladimir Putin. Now he is being tried on suspicion of contempt and approving criminal offences. The police also conducted a raid.


Julia B. (30) Tempting with his videos on the web. German authorities are investigating a Russian woman who has been involved in a rebellion against Ukrainians.

Julia B.* (30) Putin supporter. The Russian, who lives in Landshut (D), shows this not only on social media, but also on the open street. He supports the war and in his propaganda videos he rebels against refugees from Ukraine.

On Friday morning, as “Bild” writes, he received a visit from the police. Three cell phones and a laptop were seized. It was also revealed that B., unemployed and living in a rented apartment with his 35-year-old partner, was in Germany illegally. However, as deportations from Germany to Russia are currently suspended, she cannot be deported.