April 15, 2024

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Only children affected: New virus discovered in India – Corona-like

Only children are infected

New virus discovered in India – Tomato fever is similar to Corona

A new virus is spreading in India. 82 children have been affected by fever called tomato fever. Symptoms are similar to Corona.


Tomato fever was first detected in India in May 2022. (icon image)

After Corona came Monkey Box. Now scientists are already warning about a new virus. Name: Tomato fever or tomato fever. as “The Lancet Journal of Respiratory Medicine” The virus was first detected on May 6, 2022 in the Indian state of Kerala.

The virus has an unusual name because, as the authors of the study write, the color of the limbs can change in infected people. At least 82 cases have been reported so far. What is significant is that so far only children under the age of five have been affected.